Proportional ranked choice voting for school board elections in Berkeley

What would be the impacts of changing Berkeley’s school board elections from the current at-large method to Proportional RCV?

“So how does this proportional ranked choice voting work?”

Wondering how P-RCV works? How the ballots are counted? How it’s different from the RCV used to elect the mayor?  This is the FAQ for you.


Proportional ranked choice voting — watch this short video and see how Proportional Ranked Choice Voting works in citywide or multi-seat elections, including how voters vote, how the ballots are counted and why it’s the fairest method to elect representatives and ensure broad representation and competitive elections. 


Ranked Choice Voting elections benefit candidates and voters of color

RCV TIPS for Voters, Candidates and Organizations

Tips for Voters   in English       in Chinese        in Spanish

Tips for organizations  

Tips for candidates